Why Be a Writer?

This is a great opinion piece on the “Indies Unlimited” site from writer and fellow blogger J.D. Mader who asks quite simply, “What’s a writer for?”  It’s certainly a query I’ve made to myself.  Why am I doing this?  What purpose does this serve?  I could drop dead in the middle of this great story, and the world will not stop rotating.  So, why go through all that trouble of writing, editing and researching?  Well, I do it mainly for the love of it.  I’ve always loved to write; to create stories and characters, or in many cases, reconfigure what’s happened to me and the people I’ve met.  Of course, I change the names to protect myself.  But, for all of us creative types, we always find ourselves asking what purpose does it all serve.


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4 responses to “Why Be a Writer?

  1. We are writers because we can’t help it. It’s an artistic inclination we have to sate, lest we go insane.

  2. Cheers, my friend. Write forth. 😉

  3. JD Mader

    Cheers. 😉

  4. Always! Writing is my life’s blood.

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