On June 11…

1509 – King Henry VIII of England married the first of his 6 wives, Catherine of Aragon.


1776 – The Continental Congress appointed a committee to draft the Declaration of Independence.


1776 – Artist John Constable (The White Horse, The Hay-Wain, The Cornfield, Stoke-by-Nayland, Arundel Mill and Castle) was born in East Bergholt, England.


1864 – Composer Richard Strauss (Also Sprach Zarathustra, Don Quixote, Till Eulenspiegel) was born in Munich, Germany.


1880 – Jeannette Rankin, first U.S. Congresswoman, was born in Missoula, MT.


1910 – Ocean explorer Jacques – Yves Cousteau was born in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, France.


1925 – Author William Styron (Sophie’s Choice, The Long March) was born in Newport News, VA.


1927 – Charles A. Lindbergh was presented the first Distinguished Flying Cross.


1936 – The Presbyterian Church of America was formed in Philadelphia, PA.

1962 – Three men, John and Clarence Anglin and Frank Lee Morris, escaped from Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay.  They were never seen again.


1963 – President John F. Kennedy issued an executive order that the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa be desegregated.


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