Update on Burned Dog Case

Justice on April 19

Back in April I reported on the horrific case of a 4-month old pit bull puppy that was doused with lighter fluid and set ablaze in a South Dallas apartment complex.  Dallas Animal Services named the dog Justice.  Despite their best efforts, he died from his injuries nearly 2 weeks after the incident.  A woman who lived in the complex and witnessed the attack identified one of the assailants as Darius Ewing.  Ewing eventually turned himself into authorities and is scheduled for trial in November.  Now, 3 other men identified as conspirators, Richard Anthony Valentine, Darius Lamar Carey and Adrian Michael Ayers, have been charged.  Ayers was already in custody for an unrelated offense, but Valentine and Carey turned themselves into police the other day.  According to the affidavits, Ewing threw the lighter fluid onto the puppy, while Valentine flicked a cigarette onto the animal.  The Dallas County District Attorney’s office enhanced the charges to a 3rd degree felony due to the use of a deadly weapon.  Punishment ranges from 2 to 10 years in prison.

This case sickened everyone in the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area.  I’m glad someone had the courage to step forward and identify the first suspect.  Although Texans can be a little quirky, we take animal cruelty serious.

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