On July 6…

1858 – Lyman Blake of Abington, MA, patented the shoe manufacturing machine.

1885 – Louis Pasteur, famous for discovering the pasteurization process, made history by accomplishing the first effective antirabies inoculation (on a boy bitten by an infected dog).


1905 – John Walker’s fingerprints were the first to be exchanged by police officials in Europe and the U.S.  Law enforcement units in London and St. Louis, MO, completed the process.

1928 – The New York Strand Theatre presented The Lights of New York, the first all talking motion picture.  The film’s transitions used 24 titles to explain them.  The film told a gangster tale and introduced the phrase, “Take him for a ride.”


1942 –Anne Frank, a 13-year-old Jewish girl, and her family took refuge in a secret sealed-off area of an Amsterdam warehouse in Nazi-occupied Holland.


1944 – In Hartford, CT, a fire broke out under the big top of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, killing 167 people and injuring 682 others.  The cause of the fire remained unknown until 1950, when a man named Robert D. Segee of Circleville, OH, confessed to starting it.  He was sentenced to 2 consecutive terms of 22 years in prison, the maximum penalty in Ohio at the time.


1948 – Frieda Hennock became the first woman to serve as commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, when President Harry S. Truman appointed her.


1957 – Althea Gibson became the first black tennis star to win the Wimbledon women’s singles tennis title.


1976 – In Annapolis, MD, the United States Naval Academy admitted women for the first time.

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