What an Offer!

“For more than 20 years, Magic Johnson has been HIV positive – but it’s never been revealed who he contracted it from.  Last night on PBS’s Frontline documentary, ‘AIDS in Black America,’ Magic disclosed the same vague answer he’s given the press since 1991: “Sleeping with a lot of women.” Still, it seems odd that there’s been no follow-up about which of these women was HIV positive.  Or how many.  If anyone has any more information about who gave Magic Johnson HIV, please feel free to contact us.  I think we can afford to pay more money for this now.”

Gawker, a gossip web site offering money to anyone who can provide information about how Johnson became infected with HIV some 20-plus years ago.

Noting that the rate of female-to-male sexual transmission of HIV is very low, Gawker – and perhaps even the Frontline documentary that aired July 10 – speculates that Johnson may have contracted the virus from a transsexual prostitute at a party thrown by Eddie Murphy.

Some folks in America just don’t want to accept that HIV isn’t only a gay White man’s disease.  Of course, the vast majority of gay men don’t even have HIV, much less full-blown AIDS.  But, who wants facts when there’s a rumor to be passed around like…well, like a virus!

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