On July 16…

1486 – Artist Andrea del Sarto was born.

1723 – Artist Joshua Reynolds (The Age of Innocence, Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse, The Infant Hercules, The Strawberry Girl, Garrick Between Comedy and Tragedy) was born in Devon, England.

1790 – The District of Columbia, or Washington, D.C., was established as the permanent seat of the United States Government.

1872 – Explorer Roald Amundsen (discovered South Pole: December 14, 1911; first man to sail from the Atlantic to Pacific through the Northwest Passage: 1903-1905) was born in Borge, Ǿstfold, Norway.

1926 – The first underwater color photographs appeared in National Geographic magazine.  The pictures were taken near the Florida Keys.

This is the first color photograph ever taken underwater. It’s a hogfish captured off the Florida Keys in 1926 by National Geographic photographer Charles Martin and Dr. William Longley.

1945 – Under the Manhattan Project, the U.S. military exploded Fat Boy, the experimental, plutonium bomb, at 5:29 A.M. in the first U.S. test of an atomic bomb.  The mushroom-shaped cloud rose to a height of 41,000 feet above the New Mexico desert at Alamogordo Air Base.  All life in a one-mile radius ceased to exist.

1951 – Author J.D. Salinger published his only novel, Catcher in the Rye.

1969 – Apollo 11, the first U.S. lunar landing mission, is launched from Cape Canaveral, FL.

1999 – John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, MA, killing him, his wife, Carolyn Bessette, and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette.  The three had been en route to a Kennedy family wedding.

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