July 26 Notable Birthdays

If today is your birthday, “Happy Birthday!”

Singer Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones; Rock and Roll Hall of Famer) is 69.

Actress Helen Mirren (Ilyena Lydia Mironoff; Prime Suspect, The Hawk, White Knights, The Queen) is 67.

Drummer Roger Taylor (Queen) is 63.

Actress Susan George (Straw Dogs, Jack the Ripper, Mandingo, Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry) is 62.

Dorothy Hamill (Olympic Hall of Famer; Olympic Gold Medalist ice skater [1976]; U.S. Ice Skating Champion [1974-1976]; developed new skating move: Hamill camel) is 56.

Actor Kevin Spacey (American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, A Time to Kill, Outbreak, Consenting Adults, Long Day’s Journey into Night, Lost in Yonkers, Henry and June, Working Girl, Wiseguy, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, L.A. Confidential) is 53.

Actress Sandra Bullock (Speed, Speed 2: Cruise Control, The Net, While You Were Sleeping, A Time to Kill, Hope Floats, Forces of Nature, Miss Congeniality, Fool Proof) is 48.

Actor Jeremy Piven (The Larry Sanders Show, Ellen, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, Kiss the Girls, Cupid, Serendipity, Highway, Black Hawk Down) is 47.

Actress Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbor, One Against the Wind, Much Ado About Nothing, Haunted, Shooting Fish, Brokedown Palace, Alice Through the Looking Glass) is 39.

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