July 29 Notable Birthdays

If today is your birthday, “Happy Birthday!”


Actor Robert Horton (Wagon Train, A Man Called Shenandoah, Kings Row, The Green Slime, Men of the Fighting Lady) is 88.

Actor Robert Fuller (Laramie, Wagon Train, Emergency, Maverick, Donner Pass: The Road to Survival, Sinai Commandos) is 79.

Actor David Warner (Holocaust, Tron, Tom Jones, Time Bandits, Star Trek V & VI, Wild Palms, Ice Cream Man, In the Mouth of Madness, The Old Curiosity Shop, The Man with Two Brains) is 71.

Keyboardist Neal Doughty (REO Speedwagon) is 66.

Actress Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy series, Private Resort, The Song of the Lark, ManiaX) is 61.

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns (The Civil War, Baseball, Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery, Frank Lloyd Wright) is 59.

Singer – bass guitarist Geddy Lee (Rush) is 59.

Singer Patti Scialfa (Bruce Springsteen) is 56.

Actress Alexandra Paul (Baywatch, The Paperboy, Sunset Grill, American Nightmare, Christine) is 49.

Singer Martina McBride (The Time Has Come, The Way I Am, Wild Angels, Evolution) is 46.

Actor Wil Wheaton (Stand by Me, Toy Soldiers, Star Trek: the Next Generation, The Liar’s Club) is 40.

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