Exit Stage Right!

Bishop E.W. Jackson of Norfolk, Virginia, has called for a mass exodus of Christians and Jews from the Democratic Party.  President of a group called STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), Jackson apparently was incensed when the Democratic National Party initially refused to add “God” to its party platform and declare that Jerusalem is the true capital of Israel.  The DNC finally relented last week, adding “God” to its formal agenda and, of course, declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

But, Jackson was not impressed.  “The real Democrat Party was revealed when they took God and Jerusalem out of the Platform,” he said.  “They rescinded those changes only because of concern about the outcome of the election.”

I know how he feels.  I get a little pissed off, too, when politicians suddenly change their minds.  But, as a recovering Catholic, I’ll feel much better in the arms of the Democratic Party without all those pesky Christians and Jews!

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