End of Banned Books Week – For Now!

Yesterday, October 6, marked the official end of Banned Books Week.  This shouldn’t be just a single annual event; it should be a daily, ongoing ritual.  There will always be people who feel they know what’s best for the rest of us to read and see, and it’s up to us writers, poets, artists and bloggers to combat that arrogance.  Thanks to fellow bloggers “Laith’s Ramblings” and “Travel Between the Pages” for highlighting this critical issue.  As I’ve said before, no society is truly free unless they have the right to vote, to speak openly and to read whatever they please.


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2 responses to “End of Banned Books Week – For Now!

  1. I wore my “I read banned books” bracelet all week – it is made of square stamped panels which each have a replica of a banned book cover depicted on them, including everything from Huckleberry Finn to The Color Purple to Captain Underpants. I bought it years ago at the Freedom Museum in Chicago, which is sadly closed now.

  2. That’s great! I can’t believe we’re still dealing with book censorship in the 21st century. I find that offensive and obscene. Even if they object to certain material, people have no right to tell others what they can read.

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