Since 2004, “Movember” has sought to bring attention to prostate and testicular cancers and raise money to combat them.  The “Movember” movement urges men to grow moustaches – a uniquely masculine characteristic – as a sign of support.  Despite years of progress, unfortunately many men still don’t take their health serious enough.  A number of men know more about their vehicles and guns than the workings of their own bodies.  It’s part of the hyper-masculine persona that males – especially in the U.S. – are bred to possess; they’re raised with the belief that they must always be strong, both physically and emotionally, lest they be deemed weak and effeminate and therefore, absolute failures.  Believe me – I’ve been there.  Even I don’t like going to the doctor, and my first visit to an urologist a few years ago was fraught with suspicion.  But, since I convinced my father to visit an urologist several years earlier, I figured I’d better live up to my own words.  Still, male genitalia are often the subjects of bad jokes and worse comedy movie plots.

The first week in April is considered “Testicular Cancer Awareness,” and this past August President Obama designated September 2012 as “National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.”  That pretty much proves how little attention this gets on the national level.  But, as with any health issue, “Movember” doesn’t just want a single week or month out of the year dedicated to its cause.  Everyone’s health is important, but people have to take decisive action on their own.

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Testicular Cancer Society


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