Beautiful Blogger Award Nomination

Fellow blogger Le Artiste Boots has nominated me for Beautiful Blogger Award.  How rude of me to forget until now!  I’m somewhat embarrassed, since I don’t think I’m worth it.  But, thanks Bettye, for this honorable nomination.  Now, if you want to see a beautiful blog, please take a look at Bettye’s!  Also check out her companion site: Bettye Harwell Fine Art.  Both are truly inspirational.

The rules require me to list 7 random things about myself.  Hm…where shall I start?  I’ve been in a random state of mind since November 6, 1963, the day after I was born.  But, here we go:

  1. I’m an avid dog lover.  My followers should have figured that out by now.  I have a wolf’s head tattoo on my upper right shoulder; it was a 45th birthday present to myself.
  2. I’m allergic to cats.  I don’t hate cats.  In fact, I helped out a friend with some yard work last week, and he and his family have 2 cats, both females.  One, in particular, took a liking to me.  I couldn’t pat her for too long, though, otherwise my skin would start itching.  It was already dry from raking leaves.  My dog, Wolfgang, didn’t take kindly to the thought I was with another animal all day long – a cat, no less!  If it was another dog, I’m sure he’d understand.  He growled at my knuckles.
  3. I love older model cars.  I’m an avid model car collector.  Most anything pre-1980 is worth examining.  I have three huge Rubbermaid containers full of Hot Wheels and Match Box vehicles my parents bought for me when I was a kid.  Among them is the original Batmobile model car!  A friend of mine told me I probably could sell it on Ebay and get a few hundred dollars for it.  I told him to shut up and blocked him from my email for a month.
  4. I’m actually a truck guy now.  I drive a Dodge Ram 1500, V6.  I wanted a V8, but at one point many moons ago, I also wanted a Jaguar coupe which has a V12.  So, I buy what I can afford.  I like the Dodge better.  If you drive a Jaguar, people think you have money and try to cut in front of you and slam on their brakes.  If you drive a Dodge truck, they think it’s insured by Smith and Wesson, so they leave you the hell alone.
  5. Black is my favorite color.  Yea, yea, supposedly black is not a true color, but those rules don’t apply to me.
  6. I wish I’d gotten married and had kids years ago.  But, I was too shy, short and ugly in my youth.  Now, I’m mean, short and ugly.  Hey, no one can say I haven’t improved my life in some ways!
  7. I hate math.  Always have and always will.  Algebra, calculus and trigonometry don’t serve any meaningful purpose.  Instead of teaching those courses, schools should teach kids basics like checkbook balancing, budgeting and how to tip wait staff and bartenders.

Here are my nominations for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Beyond the Mesas – Matthew’s points about life for the Hopi people of Arizona may be political at times, but they’re equally inspirational.

Bucket List Publications Lesley has the right idea: make a list of things to do because you want to live, not before you die!  Why didn’t I figure that out before now?!

Catnip of Life for sharing beautiful photographs and illustrations.

Doubleyoo Tee Eff – you have to read it to understand why I love this blog.

Essa on Everything – her humor and opinions are raw, controversial, but always unrelentingly hysterical.  I still want to spend a weekend with her and be her bitch.  I’ll make nachos!

Fabulous 50’s (a.k.a. “Travel Spirit”) who takes some great travel pictures and – for a 50-something broad – ain’t half bad.

Guitar Monk for the beautiful music he shares.

Laith’s Ramblings because he gives fresh meaning to the word “random” – in a good way.

Le Artiste Boots – please see above.

QGB Tilted Tiara – a true Southern belle, Val proves nonetheless that not every tiara fits perfectly; her reflections on life are honest, thoughtful, humorous and sometimes painful, but always real.

Rumpydog – why would I not like a dog who can write?!

Simply Creating – Sharon’s insights on writing and publishing make me realize how much I love to create stories.

Spencer Angel whose love for animals equals my own.

Subtle Kate – her quaint reflections on the daily aspects of her world make me realize what’s really important in my own life – from thousands of miles away.

Templar Knight who provides riveting and meticulously detailed research on medieval Europe and the Middle East.  It just puts the world into perspective.

The Write Transition for her frequent and humorous play on words and bits of literary inspiration.

Thank you, everyone!  Average people like us keep the world going!


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4 responses to “Beautiful Blogger Award Nomination

  1. You are too kind! Getting to know you and your humor , plus a cup of coffee made my day.
    Can I repost this? It should be read by all.

  2. Alejandro, thank you. I will respond accordingly as soon as possible. You are most deserving of this and I loved your responses. I am going to check out some of your other nominations, suspect if you like them so will I.

  3. Reblogged this on LE ARTISTE BOOTS and commented:
    Always entertaining. I recommend each of his blogs.

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