The Big One


Okay, you know how you live through a year and wonder where the time went?  That’s how I feel now, as I technically mark the first anniversary of this blog.  Yes, it’s been a whole year since I invited you into my world and locked the doors behind you, so you can’t escape.  Aren’t you glad you’re here with me?  This is the moment where people like me usually get very introspective and philosophically contemplate what’s happened during that time.  Well…what the hell did you think I’d do?!  Just ask for donations to my retirement account?  You can do that, too, but read me out on this one.

A few things have remained the same during the past year.  I’m essentially still an unemployed technical writer.  My parents are still loud and opinionated.  My dog is still a cool little dwarf Rottweiler.  I’m still working on my novel.  People still piss me off.  My truck is still dirty.

But, mostly things have changed – and changed for the better.  I’ve done more writing in the last year than I have in the previous ten.  I’ve managed to let go of my past life and move forward; finally understanding that rehashing events from long ago only creates more wrinkles and anxiety.  I’m one year closer to age 50 and eagerly anticipate that glorious milestone – and hope I don’t spend it in jail from going overboard in a road rage incident (which is really difficult not to do in the Dallas area).  I’ve learned to leave my body alone and masturbate no more than once a week.  I’ve come to realize that intoxicated doesn’t always equal creative.  I’m emotionally closer to my parents and my dog; knowing I may not have any of them too much longer.

Working on this blog also has been one of the most therapeutic outlets I’ve ever encountered.  For someone who grew up shy and introverted like me, writing is a mere form of expression.  In the past, we creative types had to sulk in our art work and hope that someone would hear our cries for justice – and money.  Alas, the Internet came along and freed us – and many others – from the doldrums of loneliness.  Blogging alone has opened up a new universe for me; allowing me to share my thoughts and views on a world that’s as beautiful and enticing as it is ugly and aggravating.  I know the first two attributes often remain hidden amidst the chaos, and that’s why I enjoy writing so much.  It forces me to explore outside my immediate realm.

I have to thank everyone who follows my blog and anyone who has visited it.  Your own insights are more valuable than any currency or precious metal.  Ideas and healthy dialogue invigorate people and keep them free.  I know all of us in the blogging world realize that more than just about anyone else.

In the meantime, my beloved followers, you’re still trapped in the web of my psyche.  So don’t even think about trying to get out!


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7 responses to “The Big One

  1. Did I miss it? What is a dwarf Rottweiler? This I must know!
    Fifty, 50 hell this is not really a milestone anymore you know. Fifty-five is the new middle age so they say. So this means fifty, 50 that is just another number.

    Dallas road rage? So that is what I am experiencing. Being I usually travel out of the state to my clients this is the first time I have had to drive in the metroplex for work, now I get it. Next client? I am looking for one out of state again.

    Congrats on one year.

    • Yes, it’s really been one whole year since I started mouthing off on my own terms!

      A “dwarf Rottweiler” is a little canine with a big canine attitude. Then again, that describes most small dogs! My 10 ½ year-old miniature schnauzer looks cute and cuddly from a distance. But, get close and try to touch him, and your hands may regret it.

  2. I never would have know it has been one year! Seems like you have been a friend forever. Its a pleasure hanging in the web. And many more.

  3. Arne

    I’ll be happy to stay hanging in your web. Congratulations to you, and I’ll be looking forward to many more thought-sharing. And ehhhh, as they say, it gets better. I am already past the 50-year line and the grass is still green and the older I get, the less it bothers me what others say I should do or think or dress. If one thing, it makes me feel more free.
    All the best in your next year, on the way to the big 5-0

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Ha ha the web of your psyche 🙂
    I really enjoy blogoversaries. I love reading what people say as they reflect. Sounds a beaut year.

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