Pass the tequila, but hold the picante sauce!


In keeping with today’s theme of saints and popes, I present this piece.  A man in San Antonio, Texas claims he discovered an image of Jesus on a flour tortilla.  As a Hispanic who was raised Catholic, I have some idea of the excitement Arturo Ruiz must have felt when he opened that package and saw the Savior burnished into the compacted lard.

“I thought I was hallucinating, so I showed it to others, and everybody claimed (the tortilla) showed Jesus,” Ruiz told a local TV station earlier this month.  He had been preparing breakfast when the image apparently caught his eye.  Hard times may have blurred his thinking.  He’s facing eviction and expects his cell phone service to be cut off.  I guess that means we’ll see this beauty on Ebay some time soon.

I have to concede I love flour tortillas, too!  Don’t tell me you’re surprised!  Of the thousands I’ve eaten since 1964, though, I can’t say I’ve noticed anything out of the ordinary.  Well…there was one that looked a little like Agatha Christie holding a glass of bourbon.  Hey, what do you expect from a writer?!


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4 responses to “Pass the tequila, but hold the picante sauce!

  1. I am searching EBay right now to get my bid in.

  2. Mary W. Walters

    You inspired me to post a bit of satire on this kind of phenomenon that I wrote a few years ago for some friends but never posted anywhere.

  3. Hmm, yeah, I’m not seeing the image on the tortilla. Guess I would have just rolled the thing up over my chicken and chowed down…

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