The Texas state house must still be on the typewriter system.  This is an actual ad from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who – like Governor Rick Perry – is the longest serving official in his respective position.  We grammar goons were quick to notice that the correct verbiage should be “is,” as in ‘Neither of which is taught in schools.’  The word ‘neither’ is singular; therefore, so should the corresponding verb.  If that’s too much for a Friday night, I understand.  In a seemingly unrelated event, Texas gets a D+ in school financing.


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5 responses to “Conjugality

  1. Like, you really expect these goons to be literate?

  2. Good one, nicely done Alejandro!

    • Thanks, Penny! Things are crazy on the political front down here.

      • Hey Alejandro, read between my lines. How could they not be. When an establishment (that has existed for a period of time for the sole purpose of gathering power and influence without considering the consequences – to those whom it is their sworn duty to govern responsibly and care for) continue to operate, (wow run on sentence here, sorry!) there can be no other results!

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