Wolf lovers…give it a rest.

Indeed, sport hunting is a misnomer. I’m sure if animals had their chance, they’d take humans out in an instant.

Mike Grant - Author


Your bleeding heart blogs, comments, and photographs of butchered lobos are wasted on those who should be taking notice. In fact these outcries provide a particular and peculiar self-satisfaction to those who participate in this noble sport of wolf hunting…wait.

Sport? I must be clear on the precise meaning of the word before I fling it about. This is only one definition, there are plenty more…most with the same characterization.

Sport: Noun, an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes in play against another or others equally equipped in an environment designed to provide a level playing arena.

I can’t honestly say that I recall seeing any wolves or wolf videos that showed them in possession of high-powered semi-automatic assault weapons with scopes that can pick out footprints on the moon. To be fair and clear, I’m not saying there aren’t any…just that I haven’t…

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One response to “Wolf lovers…give it a rest.

  1. Thanks for reblogging this, it is horrific what is being done to these majestic animals.

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