Men with Oars


The men of the University of Warwick Boat Club in Coventry, United Kingdom have decided to display their solidarity with the gay / lesbian community by rowing naked.  They’re trying to draw attention to inequities in health care that GLBT folks often face.  I don’t know how U.K. lesbians feel about a bunch of college boys getting undressed on their behalf, but as always, it’s the thought that counts.

“We are thrilled to be launching the UKs first dedicated fitness space with the Warwick Rowers,” said Dave Viney, manager of the LGBT Health and Wellbeing Centre in Birmingham.  “It’s great to see homophobia in sport and homophobic bullying creatively challenged by a predominantly heterosexual sports team.”

The rowers previously stripped down for a sports calendar to raise funds for charity, so this might be the start of a trend.  When you realize that athletes competed nude in the ancient Olympics, old school might not be a bad thing.


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5 responses to “Men with Oars

  1. Okay, am I liking this cause they are kinda cute and they are naked or because they are doing this for a great cause?

    I feel sorta cougarish

  2. Do we address them as Thou, Nakeness? Whatever flicks their Bic, I suppose. Of course, I must agree with Valentine 🙂

  3. Ah hah! That just proves what I’ve long since suspected: once a woman reaches a “Certain Age,” she goes from being a demure princess to – shall I say – Amazonia Erotica. Years ago a woman at the bank where I worked was telling some female colleagues, one afternoon while we were all in the break room on lunch, that she suddenly had strong sexual cravings when she turned 37. For some reason, she said, she suddenly saw every man under age 50 as a potential sex partner; if they were relatively handsome and well-built. She went on and on; another woman was fascinated because she said she was long past 37 and wondered why that didn’t hit her. I was the only man in the break room, and yet another female colleague – tossing me embarrassed glances – kept telling that first woman to be quiet. But, she wouldn’t! Mainly because that second woman kept asking her about it. I thought it was funny, but that third woman was clearly upset. Fortunately, at 30-something back then, I still felt I was safe from that first woman’s cravings. 🙂

  4. You’re in our Member’s Only Tribute and have a Tribute Halo on our Anniversary Page. Thank you.

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