Punch Drunk


“Let me tell you how journalists are being treated these days: They’re being stalked, they’re being spied on.  This is what is happening to our press.  This is Obama’s America!  It’s like the Soviet Union.  He said he would change the country.  He said it.  He said it.  And a lot of people voted for him.  And if you see any of those people today, do me a favor: punch them in the face.”

Andrea Tantaros, hostess of “The Five” on FOX News, on May 23, reacting to the Justice Department’s probing of the Associated Press.

She was careful to add later that people shouldn’t attempt to strike Obama directly, but go after the low-hanging fruit: those of us who voted for him.  She’s actually kind of cute.  I’d like to meet her in a Wal-Mart parking lot where she can smack me around all she wants, if it’ll make her feel better.  Oh, yes, baby!  And, make it hurt, too!


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2 responses to “Punch Drunk

  1. You cannot smack her back, I however can and would; f’ng hard too. I also do not think she is cute I think her inner ugly shines through.

  2. If she physically assaulted me, or someone I loved, oh yes I would smack her back! I don’t play that game of political correctness. But, that just shows her low-level mentality; that she wants to invoke violence upon people who think differently than she does, or vote for another candidate. That’s what the “Tea Party” goons are all about: violence and bigotry. How the Republican National Party let themselves be overrun by them I don’t know. But, it doesn’t say much about their standards either.

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