The Corvette Turns 60

On this day in 1953, Chevrolet rolled out its newest model: the Corvette.  With its bold white body made entirely of fiberglass and a cherry red interior, the 2-seater convertible was a refreshing automotive innovation; a sharp departure from the growing gallery of massive family-oriented vehicles.  Unsure of its success, Chevrolet only manufactured 300 Corvettes; so few, in fact, that each of those models was built by hand.  Selling for $3,250 apiece, the Corvette model was the brainchild of Harley J. Earl who had gotten his start with his father’s business, Earl Automobile Works.  It became an instant hit.  An automotive enthusiast, I have several die-cast versions of Corvettes, including that first model like the one pictured below.  It’s an American original and a true contemporary legend.

Corvette Museum.



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