Happy American Thanksgiving!


“Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.

Remain close to the Great Spirit.

Show great respect for your fellow beings.

Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.

Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.


Do what you know to be right.

Look after the well-being of mind and body.

Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.

Be truthful and honest at all times.

Take full responsibility for your actions.

Let us greet the dawn of a new day,

when all can live as one with nature,

and peace reigns everywhere.


Oh Great Spirit, bring to our brothers and sisters,

the wisdom of Nature and the knowledge,

that if her laws are obeyed,

this land will again flourish,

and grasses and trees will grow as before.


Guide those that through their councils,

seek to spread the wisdom of their leaders to all people.

Heal the raw wounds of the Earth,

and restore to our soul the richness,

which strengthens our bodies,

and makes them us in our councils.


Bring to all the knowledge that great cities,

live only through the bounty,

of the good earth beyond their paved streets,

and towers of stone and steel.”


Native American Commandments

– Jasper Saunkeah, Cherokee

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