When Family Christmas Photos Go Bad

Family Christmas photographs are a grand tradition that stretches back almost to the invention of photography. Christmas is all about family, whether the family is comprised of blood relatives or close friends who provide that irreplaceable sensation of family. A few of my friends mailed me their usual Christmas cards bearing portraits of their own beautiful families.

Some folks like to get creative with their holiday photographs. Often they’re cute and even funny. Other times, though, you have to wonder how many spirits these people had beforehand, or if local child protective services has a case file on them. Herein are a few examples of people who should’ve just left the camera the hell alone.







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5 responses to “When Family Christmas Photos Go Bad

  1. Al

    Hahaha these are so funny

  2. Wow, I’m not sure which one is the worst! I suddenly don’t feel so bad about the picture my kid took of me opening gifts in my jammies with a bow on my head.

  3. My eyes are bleeding, I have to wash them with acid after this. Gawd, where did you find these. Terrible. I am in all honesty, I am laughing down my leg.

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