Scoot Along Now!

I’ve lived in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area all of my life and have seen more than a few oddities.  But, on the morning of July 22, a driver captures this fool locomoting down I-35E into downtown Dallas.  Sadly, it can mean only one thing: we have yet another Darwin Awards candidate.


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7 responses to “Scoot Along Now!

  1. Definitely a death wish, or a tourist? A shoo – in for the Darwin Awards of which I have checked out, just now.

    • There are almost too many candidates for the Darwin Awards that I believe we should at least send out ‘Honorable Mentions’. They’re still trying to find out who that guy on the scooter is. It’s illegal in Texas to driver a scooter on a major thoroughfare, especially a major interstate highway! A death wish? Perhaps, but more of a total disregard for the motorists trying to get somewhere that morning.

      • Well, yes an narcissistic stuff-it-all kind of attitude was evident in the way he changed lanes. No helmet either I noted.

      • Yes, I noticed that, too! Makes me wonder if the eugenics movement should be renewed. LOL!

      • So you are required by law to wear helmets too?

      • Yes, scooter riders must be at least 16 years of age, carry liability insurance and wear a helmet while operating the machine. I suspect that particular scooter user didn’t fulfill the latter 2 categories. No word yet on IQ requirements.

      • Lol re IQ requirements! That made me chuckle. Liability insurance hasn’t yet been discovered here, for the Lime scooters anyway, or perhaps it has and I am not aware of it. I haven’t used one of them yet, and don’t plan to travel down the motorways on one. That must make me smart! – Well valuing my life and other’s lives, more than he did….

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