Word of the Week – October 24, 2020



Latin, 17th century

1. Truthful

2. Coinciding with reality

Example: In my relentless search for veridical information, I avoid anything involving politics.


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3 responses to “Word of the Week – October 24, 2020

  1. I think that word is especially apropos this election season.

    Now forgive me for changing the subject, but can you give me a brief course on how to care for a mini schnauzer? I have no clue, for real. Like what’s too cold? Should I get her a sweater for winter? What about boots? Is she really a fierce hunter? Would she run away from me if off-leash and a squirrel appeared? Thanks!

    • As with any dog, there’s no set rule on caring for mini schnauzers. Mine was particularly rambunctious and very aggressive. He didn’t mind being petted, but he disliked anyone messing with his paws. Giving him a bath was always a challenge because he’d throw such a fit. I’d just let him dry off with a big towel, but trying to comb his fur after it had dried was almost impossible. He’d suddenly launch into what I called alligator death roll-type motions. But that was just him; just his personality.

      Understand that small dogs often can be more of a handful than big dogs. Mini schnauzers are notably smart and they don’t shed. You’ll need to keep Molly groomed, especially making sure her ears are plucked and her nails are trimmed. I wouldn’t worry about getting her a sweater, if she’s going to be an inside dog, or booties, unless you’re going to take her hiking in rocky terrain. If you’re taking outside of the house and outside of a fenced-in area, yes, put her on a leash! She most likely will chase after a squirrel or any other small varmint. Better yet, get a small harness for her. That’s better than a leash attached to the collar because mine had the tendency to pull on the leash.

      As for diet and medication, you’ll just have to go with whatever a veterinary doctor says; mainly because she’s an older dog. Good luck, Jen, and thanks for all you’re doing with these animals!

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