December 2020 Countdown – December 1!

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today.  It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”

Charles Schulz

Yes, Dear Readers, 2020 is finally coming to an end!  Perhaps the worst year in memory for many of us, the demise is upon us.  Everyone always hopes for the best at the start of the year.  But many don’t truly prepare for the worst.  We just sort of hope things will be different This Year.  When it doesn’t, we’re often surprised.  Others just aren’t surprised because they always expect the worst anyway.  I used to fall into that latter category, but now, I just don’t let myself fall too in love with New Year’s Day.

Nevertheless, what should have been an extraordinary year – what with the start of a new decade – has become a nightmarish dystopia riddled with many of the same vices of previous times: political ineptness and civil unrest.  For the United States, we had the added ills of an idiot president, and for the world, a global pandemic.  Only a catastrophic series of natural disasters (monstrous earthquakes or a meteor strike) could make it worst.  Or better, depending on your outlook.

All pessimism aside, my Lovely Followers, The Chief will be counting down every day of this month up to and including New Year’s Eve.  Like a bad day at work or drunken family holiday gathering, 2020 can’t die soon enough!

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