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Dumbest Quote of the Week


“I am a true Christian woman.  Not only am I covered under the blood of Jesus…I am swimming in it.  My Jesus has control over my life & the title of mayor doesn’t define who I am as a person. North Miami chose ‘Luciefer’ over Jesus.  Thank you for your trust & support, your final contribution, and most importantly – your prayers!  I have lost a hard fought battle but not a war.”

– Anna Pierre, a North Miami, Florida mayoral candidate on her Facebook page.  Pierre had declared at the start of her campaign that Jesus had endorsed her candidacy.  On May 14, she received 56 votes and lost.

Run, Anna!  Run!  There are only 56 people in North Miami who believe in Jesus!  That means 60,087 people in your city believe in Luciefer!  You’re outnumbered, girl!  Don’t ask questions!  Just run!

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