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The Mysterious Case of the Incredibly Vanishing Trees

Assumption Parish, Louisiana

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Pictures of the Day

Authorities in Assumption Parish, Louisiana discovered a roughly 200-foot by 200-foot area of collapsed land last week.  Local residents had reported a diesel smell, and upon investigating, officials found the “slurry” sinkhole.  As a precaution, though, they’ve evacuated 150 homes and a few businesses and are prepared to open shelters for people.  The collapse may be due to aging salt caverns that crisscross the location.  The Texas Brine Company operated the salt mine from 1982 to 2011.  The state of Louisiana has ordered the company to evaluate the structural integrity of the caverns.  Good luck getting any company to take responsibility for something like that!  In the meantime, this looks as nasty as it is dangerous.

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