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Valley of the Creepy Dolls

Aficionados of the campy 1968 sci-fi movie “Barbarella” – including The Chief – remember the scene where the title character is ambushed by a gallery of biting dolls.  The “Chucky” movie series only solidified that dolls can be creepier than clowns.  Coulrophobes might disagree, but people with serious mental anomalies can’t always be trusted.  Including The Chief.  And I’m one of the most disturbed people I’ve ever met!

The good folks in Olmsted County, Minnesota can surely identify.  Since 2019, History Center of Olmsted County has staged a ‘Creepy Doll Contest’ that helps troubled souls encapsulate their worst nightmares.  Looking at the critters from this year’s collection makes us wonder what sick fool thought dolls would be great as children’s toys.

But then again…maybe they weren’t so foolish.


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