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Most Convoluted Quote of the Week

“[Texas Gov. Sam Houston] made a powerful decision that cost him his governorship.  He was against slavery, and he stood up and very passionately said, ‘Texas does not need to leave the union over this issue of slavery.’  But, that’s the type of principled leadership, that’s the type of courage that I hope people across the country [will show] on this issue of scouts and keeping the Boy Scouts the organization that it is today.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry, equating the Boy Scouts’ anti-gay policies to the stand against slavery.

The list of idiotic statements from Perry’s mouth keeps getting longer and longer.  I cringe every time he speaks because – like Ted Nugent – I know it’s not going to make sense.  Lord, please deliver us from such madness!  Lord?  Are you listening?  Goddamnit!

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