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Carolyn Herron – One Person Who Made a Difference for Me

I’m kind of sad right and not just because of the gloomy weather here in Northeast Texas and the fact that allergies have ambushed me again.  I just found out that a former teacher of mine, Carolyn Herron, died May 2.  I had Caroline as an English literature and German language instructor at Brookhaven Community College in Farmers Branch, Texas, in the early 1980’s.  I opted out of attending a major university and chose to begin my higher education at Brookhaven.  It still remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  And, in part, I’m thankful because I met Carolyn Herron.  She was kind of quirky, but very delightful and charming.  She had a unique way of teaching that set her apart from anyone I’ve ever met in my academic career, from kindergarten to college.  She was truly different – and that was a good thing.  I never realized her academic credentials were so impressive.  She had graduated valedictorian from Highland Park High School in Dallas and went on to earn degrees in German from Southern Methodist University, also in Dallas.  I recall her talking about time she spent in what was then West Germany where she was a Fulbright scholar.  She was quite a character and really one of only a handful of instructors or teachers I remember vividly and fondly.  Some teachers do that to you.  They have that kind of impact.  It’s their approach to teaching, which they see as a calling instead of a job, and how they relate to their students.  Carolyn was 72 and passed away after a battle with cancer.  I’m glad she’s no longer suffering, but I’m still heartbroken.  It’s really odd, though.  I had been thinking about her recently.  Now, I know why.  Wherever you are, Carolyn, thank you for all you’ve done and rest in peace.


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