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Self Publishers Unite!

Chris Faraone starts off with a great piece of business advice from his father: “develop a compelling product, sling it like your kid is starving, and never trust distributors.”  I couldn’t offer better wisdom to any kind of business entrepreneur – especially to us writers.  Self-publishing – once the bastion of desperation for writers – has become more than fashionable; it’s become competitive.  It’s now a viable alternative to any scribe who’s tired of trying to appeal to the right book agent or publisher with just the right proposal at just the right time.  Self-publishing is a leech on traditional book publishing – but it’s the proverbial “Holy Grail” for the independent writer.  It puts the power of publishing in the hands of the right people – the writers themselves.  It doesn’t make the actual task of writing any easier; nor does it simplify the equally difficult job of marketing.  But with self-publishing, writers at least have complete control over their work.  Faraone learned about the business from his father who, ironically, operated his own book publishing company.  And, although the younger Faraone concentrates a good deal of his editorial on the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, I see a perfect analogy.  If you don’t like the way something is, work to change it!  That’s how progress is made.


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