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16th Century German Helmets

Helmets were just one of the many pieces of protective gear medieval warriors used when engaging in battle.  They also had complete body armor, which included protection for the arms and legs and the renowned form-fitting chain mail; shields; pole arms (javelins and lances); and even armor for one’s horse.  The 14th and 15th centuries – what’s known as the “Late Medieval Period” – saw incredible developments in armor, particularly with helmets.  This stands to reason, since the same period also experienced significant advances in weaponry.  The region occupied by present-day Germany sat at the heart of the Roman Empire, and during the medieval period, the Teutonic Knights created a powerful and completely independent establishment; solidifying their reputation as fierce warriors and technological geniuses.  Here’s a sampling of 16th century German helmets, courtesy of the Wallace Collection.

c. 1500


c. 1520


c. 1530 I


c. 1530 II


c. 1545


c. 1550 – 1560


c. 1550 I


c. 1550 II


c. 1555


c. 1560 I


c. 1560 II


c. 1575


c. 1590 I


c. 1590 II


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