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Attack of the Leftist Trolls

“The person’s posts are usually short and snarky, with reasonably correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, suggesting both intelligence and education.  The posts are on the edge of acceptability, with little or no profanity or vulgar language that would get the post flagged immediately.  The person has a high ratio of posts to the number of days on the site, suggesting he’s posting comments nearly full time and is getting paid to troll.  The person posts politely on progressive websites but nastily on conservative websites, using the same username and IP address.  The person’s posts are consistently belittling, rather than intelligent objections and points.  The person’s posts address a broad spectrum of topics rather than focusing on one or two subjects of particular interest.  The consistency is in the support of leftist policies and positions taken by the Obama administration.”

– Jerome Corsi, complaining that the Obama Administration is paying “trolls” to post comments on the World Net Daily web site.

I’m glad that Corsi – a devout birther who claims Obama is a Kenyan, Marxist, communist – appreciates my attention to grammar and punctuation.  I’m a writer and have an English degree, after all, so even if I piss off religious extremists, I don’t want them saying, ‘Hey, that’s loaded with grammar errors!  We can’t take this shit seriously!’

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