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Hold That Thought!

I’ve seen most presidential State of the Union addresses since before I was a teenager, as well as the opposing political party’s (usually pathetic) response afterwards.  But, after last night’s address, I’ve never seen a rebuttal interrupted by an otherwise innocuous bottle of water.  More than halfway into his diatribe, Sen. Marco Rubio’s throat apparently dried up and – trying to be as coy and inconspicuous as possible – he carefully reached for the water, his big bright eyes still trained on the teleprompter just a few feet away.  Personally, I would have reached for a wine cooler, or a Red Bull, but I’m just different like that.  I know Rubio will never be able to live that down.  But, it made for a good laugh.  And, I’ll always drink to that!

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Picture of the Day

Seen in South Florida

A millionaire Mormon who’s spent his life destroying companies and a poor Cuban who washed up on a Miami boat ramp!  Only in America can they find common ground!

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