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On May 11…

1858 – Minnesota entered the United States as the 32nd state.


1888 – Composer Irving Berlin was born in Mogilyov, Russia.


1894 – Choreographer Martha Graham was born in Allegheny County, PA.


1896 – Writer Mari Sandoz was born in Sheridan County, NE.


1904 – Surreal artist Salvador Dalí was born in Figueras, Spain.


1910 – Glacier National Park in Montana was created by an act of Congress.


1927 – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded in Los Angeles.

1928 – WGY-TV in Schenectady, NY, began the first schedule of regular TV programs, offering programming to its upstate New York audience three times a week using the mechanical scanning method.

1947 – B.F. Goodrich announced the development of the tubeless tire.

1997 – IBM’s super computer Deep Blue made history by defeating Gary Kasparov at chess.

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