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Worst Quote of the Week – September 20, 2019

Trump signing his name to a portion of the “virtually impenetrable” border wall.

“As one of the folks just said, it really is virtually impenetrable.”

– Faux President Donald Trump commenting on a stretch of the border wall in San Diego, California.

So, in short, the “virtually impenetrable” wall is penetrable.  I can see it now: illegal immigrants taking selfies of themselves in front of the wall, before finding a way around or over it.

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Quote of the Day

“Jerusalem is an insane place in some ways.  It overwhelms people, and it has for centuries.  The city is seductive, and people who are highly suggestible can succumb to this seduction.  I’m always envious of people who live in San Diego, where history barely exists.” 

— Yoram Bilu, an Israeli psychological anthropologist at the University of Chicago Divinity School, discussing “Jerusalem Syndrome,” where visitors to the city begin to believe they are the Messiah. 

Like a typical foreigner – whether from Europe or the Middle East – Bilu shows what a historical idiot he is about the Western Hemisphere.  Hell, a lot of Americans are that way!  Even a cursory examination of San Diego will prove it has an extensive past – dating back some 20,000 years.  But, who am I to try to reason with a psychologist?

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