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We Are Lesion!

I had a doctor’s appointment the first of August to have some blood drawn for various tests, such as if I’m still alive and if the back pain I’ve been experiencing for more than 30 years is actually my parasitic twin wanting out of my ass.  I asked him about what I thought was a mole on my upper back.  Turns out it was a wart!  In fact, I had 2 of them!  I told him he could just snip them off and plaster a bandage over them, but he selected to freeze them off.  Either way, sometimes I love it, when it hurts!

I know my body and mind have been trying to break free and lead lives of their own.  And, like luggage and herpes, I’m just stuck with the fuckers forever.  But I was totally surprised this time.  Warts?!  Last time I had warts, at least dinner and drinks came first!

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