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Objects on Zoom Are Closer than You Expect

Either COVID-19 quarantines have turned people’s minds into mush or we need to start classes on the art of Zoom.  A Canadian politician, William Amos, gave his Zoom audience more than they expected (or wanted) when he inadvertently appeared butt naked on camera.  What makes this incident truly disturbing is that he was in his office.  I think most of us could understand if this had happened at home, but at work? He has since apologized.

In some ways, I can empathize with Amos.  Work-related stress used to compel me to engage in somewhat dubious antics.  I just never had a laptop camera to assist me! But I often had Polaroids and would share them later.


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Technical Faux Pas of the Week – February 13, 2021

We’ve all heard the concept of addressing the elephant in the room, but during a livestream of a virtual court proceeding in Texas, had to address the cat on the screen.  Attorney Rod Ponton was using his assistant’s laptop computer, when he appeared…as a cute little white feline.  The assistant’s daughter had previously used the laptop and – apparently to everyone’s surprised (or in this case, maternal horror) – had installed a Zoom filter on it.  The dutiful assistant worked to correct the error, as Ponton insisted, “I am not a cat.”

Naturally, “I am not a cat” has become a popular meme.  As a wolf man, I’d be offended to come across as a cat, but seeing legal professionals stumble so badly because they didn’t prepare for the unexpected is just too…well, precious!

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