February 22, 2012 – 302 days Until Baktun 12

Survivalist Tip:  Your arsenal of supplies should include some hurricane lamps.  Hurricane lamps got their name from the fact that Isaac Klein, a meteorologist, tried to warn the residents of Galveston Island, Texas that a hurricane was approaching by riding through town the night before shouting, “The waves are coming!  The waves are coming!”  It was a reference to the fact that massive tidal surges were already inundating the island’s seashores, which he saw firsthand, when he apparently decided to hunt for clams.  No one believed him, in part, because it was a Friday night, but also because he kept screaming about the waves, instead of the storm itself.  If he’d shouted, “The storm is coming!  The storm is coming!” instead, the reaction would have been different. But, since he was a meteorologist, he couldn’t think in practical terms.  Fortunately, though, most of the island’s residents had plenty of wrought-iron lamps, as they’d just converted to electricity.  Hence the name: “hurricane lamp.”  They’re not just for patio decoration!  Those lamps definitely proved a lifesaver for many of the Galvestonians; helping everyone search for food, clean water and valuables in the pockets of dead people.  In the aftermath of the apocalypse, electricity may be out, so you’ll need some source of light.  Therefore, the appropriately named hurricane lantern will be a critical asset.  There’s actually a valid connection here.  Hurricane is derived from the Taino Indian word “Huracán,” which basically means “menopausal woman needs chocolate.”  Huracán is the Taino Indian goddess of wind, and since the Tainos are related to the Maya on their mother’s younger cousin’s side, it all fits into the grand scheme of things.   So, get some hurricane lanterns and don’t piss off any menopausal women!


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