April 4, 2012 – 260 days Until Baktun 12

Survivalist Tip:  The tornadoes that struck the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area remind me of the importance of creating a tornado survival kit, which is akin to a hurricane survival kit.  Consider that the indigenous peoples of North America have lived with these types of weather phenomenon for thousands of years and you’ll realize how important it is to be prepared for such a disaster.  This is especially important, since there’s a good likelihood the Earth’s axes will shift dramatically, which in turn, could generate plenty of tornadic winds.  The Mayans and other Indigenous Americans respected the power of these storms and never tried to control them like Europeans did.  That explains why so many of the first European-Americans got their asses wiped out by a tornado because they thought it was just a funny-looking cloud.  And, since they’d killed so many Indians, there was usually no one around to say, ‘Hey!  Don’t be a dumb ass!  Get inside your log cabin!’ 

Below is a basic checklist for any decent tornado survival kit.  This may vary on whether or not you’ll be in your home when the apocalypse hits. 

Purchase or find the following items: 

  • a generator
  • a firearm
  • a permanent marker, to print ‘This house insured by Smith & Wesson’ on the outside of your home
  • a small radio, preferably self-powered
  • a flashlight, preferably self-powered
  • a medium sized pack of batteries
  • canned food or power bars
  • plastic bags
  • duct tape
  • bicycle or football-type helmets
  • rain gear
  • rope (mainly to tie down any hysterical member of your crew)
  • a hand-powered can opener
  • a few small plastic dishes and silverware
  • blankets, preferably those made by people like the Navajo or Cherokee
  • a phone
  • bottles of water
  • a first aid kit
  • money (preferably small bills)
  • a car charger for your cell phone
  • any and all prescription medicines, mainly for the hypochondriac in your group
  • spare sets of keys to your vehicle and home
  • extra changes of clothing for each person in your posse
  • any special food or medicine for children
  • any special food or medicine for pets
  • chocolate

I’ve mentioned most of these items before as necessary in your overall cache of survival gear, but it’s important to emphasize their significance.  And, don’t be a dumb ass when you see a tornado!  RUN!


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