Good Friday

For most people, every Friday is good.  In the Christian faith, ‘Good Friday’ is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday.  The celebration, which commemorates the suffering of Jesus Christ, is as old as Christianity itself.  Many people engage in prayer, fasting and repentance on Easter.  Many Catholic schools consider it a holiday and close for the day.  In years past, students of Catholic schools had to attend Good Friday services at their local church, or they’d be considered absent and subsequently penalized.  When I attended Catholic grade school in Dallas in the 1970’s, I guess that practice had ceased. 

It’s interesting that many people only visit church on Easter Sunday and treat it like a car inspection: it’s good for a year.  While no longer a practicing Catholic, I still believe in Jesus Christ, which may come as a surprise to those who’ve heard my anti-religious rants.  But, there’s a distinct difference between being a person of faith and being devoutly religious.  Some of the best people I’ve ever known have no religious preference, or don’t believe in a Supreme Being at all.  Some of the worst people I’ve known, however, can quote a religious text word for word, but are arrogant and disrespectful towards others.  I’ve worked with many of those types, and our current crop of GOP presidential candidates are prime examples.  I honestly believe Jesus is disappointed in how people have twisted his philosophies of love, respect and tolerance. 

Regardless of your faith, or lack of faith, I hope everyone has a great weekend and treats you with the dignity and respect you deserve!


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