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This is the most accurate depiction I’ve seen of Obama’s struggles to rebuild an economy left in tatters by the incompetent and corrupt Bush Administration.  I’m still amazed, though, that no one in the Wall Street camp has been held accountable (i.e. thrown in prison) for the debacle.  Then again, considering how wimpy the Democrats have been in the past decade, I really shouldn’t be surprised.



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  1. The Dow is an indicator of the relationship between a currency (the devalued dollar) and products represented on the Dow itself. It’s the same reason commodities (oil, food, precious metals) are requiring more printed dollars. The value of those commodities have not gone up, the dollar is going down against them, while holding its own lately against currencies with even greater value concerns. There is a reason food and energy were removed from inflation statistics and volatility was not it (despite the bogus claim.) They were removed because they are easily understood and not good for the propaganda. Both sides have played this game.

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