May 18, 2012 – 216 Days Until Baktun 12

Survivalist Tip:  Okay, breathe deeply through the nose and exhale gently through the mouth.  Or, something like that.  It’s called meditation – a method of transcendental cogitation practiced throughout the ages by most every society on Earth.  Except modern America.  The ancient Maya and other Indigenous Americans thought differently about cleansing their minds of impurities.  And, they didn’t mean thoughts of cheesecake and masturbation – both of which I thoroughly enjoy.  Meditation – literally thinking of nothing for 20 minutes or so – alleviates your mental faculties of life’s congestion and prevents cerebral hemorrhages.  As I readjust my own life and reconsider what’s valuable, I return to my previous passion for meditation and I recommend the same for you in preparation for the coming apocalypse.  Nothing will get you set for the “New Universe” like a clear mind!  Altogether now – breeeeeathe.

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