Photographs of Queen Victoria

Great Britain is in a perpetual state of celebration, as Queen Elizabeth II marks 60 years on the English throne.  She is only the 2nd monarch in British history to commemorate a “Diamond Jubilee.”  Queen Victoria was the first who reigned for 64 years atop the British throne before her death in 1901.  She almost single-handedly reshaped British culture and gave us the term “Victorian.”  Towards the end of her life, photography was becoming an art form, and we’re fortunate there were countless pictures made of her.  These are just a few, which include her husband, Prince Albert, and their 6 children.



With Prince Albert during their wedding

With her four oldest children, from left: Albert, Edward, Bertie and Alice

In an open coach, 1894

With all six of her children

With Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, back left

With Prince Albert, 1854


With Princess Beatrice








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