July 1, 2012 – 172 Days Until Baktun 12

If you own a house – no matter how big or small – you need to have a tall sturdy fence around it; particularly the back yard area.  I’m not talking about one of those quaint little white picket fence things.  I’m not talking about a massive structure at least 8’ tall.  It needs to be made of strong wood, stone, brick, concrete, or metal.  If you can electrify it somehow, that would be even better.  But, electrification can be expensive, so height and sturdiness are the two main attributes it must have.  A big, strong fence can obstruct intruders, zombies, wild game and rude in-laws.  It won’t necessarily prevent them from encroaching on your property, but it will give you enough time to grab your rifle, shotgun or hand grenade.  It will also prevent your pets and children from wandering off.  It won’t actually keep uncooperative members of your posse from leaving.  But, if those individuals are consuming all your water and chocolate, heaving them over the fence and letting them fend for themselves is just part of personal security.

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