I can’t believe the hypocrisy of some government officials. Indeed, they don’t want government interference in their own lives, but they have no qualms injecting their viewpoints into the lives of others and telling them what to do.


Roe v.Wade

When someone says, “I do not want the government in my bedroom” do they mean the federal, state or local governments? Mississippi (and other states) are passing laws to dismantle the Roe v Wade decision. If these state laws stand, the existing law will be overturned and it will be impossible for a woman to excercise her rights to her own body.

Today a judge has intervened in Mississippi delaying a ruling which would have closed the only clinic where women can have abortions. This injunction will end in two weeks. At that time there will be a court case hearing the sides. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. The governor has stated very clearly the intent: to provide no place in the state where women can get this service.

Regardless of one’s feeling on abortions, there is a lot of heavy handing these days. If a woman…

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  1. Thus it has been for many years. ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) is still not past many many of the state legislatures. In fact in some they passed it and then unpassed it. Thus ERA is still not a Constitutional Amendment. Women remain unprotected and truly second class citizens, despite legislation like Lily Ledbetter. Most people don’t realize this, while we fight for equal pay we could easily be stripped of our right to vote or own property.

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