Increasingly across the Americas, the indigenous peoples are no longer tolerating disrespect and disenfranchisement. They’re fighting back and letting their voices be heard. Blood may be shed, but freedom is never easily won.

bolivia diary

28 June 2012

Dario Kenner, La Paz

Updates on Bolivia:


For the second time in 8 months a march by representatives of indigenous movements arrived in La Paz to demand a road does not cut through the TIPNIS indigenous territory and national park. There were definitely fewer people yesterday compared to when the first march got here in October but there were still thousands of people lining the streets to welcome the marchers who covered 600km since they left Trinidad in Bolivia´s Amazon in April. The indigenous leaders of the march have said they will not leave La Paz until they have guarantees a road will not go through the TIPNIS. It remains to be seen if they will be as successful as last time when they pressured the Evo Morales government to pass a law banning any road through the TIPNIS. The Bolivian government is determined…

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  1. Bouncing over to read. Thanks for putting this up.

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