Christopher Columbus May Have Been Polish


This story made the news last year, but it’s worth repeating.  Portuguese historian Manuel Rosa has uncovered evidence that navigator and explorer Christopher Columbus – a heroic figure to the Italian people – may have actually been Polish.  In Columbus: The Untold Story, published in Spain, Rosa, a professor at Duke University in North Carolina, claims that Columbus was the son of exiled Polish King Vladislav III and a Portuguese noblewoman.  Columbus, declares Rosa, may have lied to protect his true identity.

The conventional tale states that Columbus was born in 1451 as the son of humble Genovese weavers.  But, Rosa believes the explorer was able to convince the Spanish monarchy to finance his voyage across the Atlantic only because he was descended from royalty himself.

According to Rosa, Columbus was trained as a pilot in Portugal and lived in Madeira where he married Filipa Moniz, a Portuguese noblewoman and daughter of Bartolomeo Perestrello, a Knight of the household of Prince Henry the Navigator, Captain and Governor of Porto Santo, a smaller nearby island at northeast of Madeira.

Columbus’s 1479 marriage to Filipa Moniz, who was an elite member of the Order of Santiago, required the approval of King John II of Portugal indicating the recognition by the King of Columbus’s aristocratic lineage.

About his theory being met with some reservation by other researchers, Rosa welcomes the challenge.  “Although there are many academics familiar with my research that support my conclusions,” he says, “I understand that this will take some time to work its way through the big machine of academia, the media, and the public’s inquiring minds.  But in the end, I am confident the change will have to happen, especially if an English language edition gets published.”

I know a lot of Italians will probably get upset at this revelation, but my personal lack of political correctness doesn’t give a damn.  Some Italians – like many others – still perpetuate the myth that Columbus discovered the Americas, as if the land was devoid of people and civilizations.  Regardless of Columbus’ true identity, it doesn’t deflect from the fact that he wasn’t the first person in the Western Hemisphere, nor was he the first European.  Sometimes history’s corrections are painful but necessary.

Christopher Columbus’s house on the island of Porto Santo, Madeira archipelago, now the Columbus Museum.


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4 responses to “Christopher Columbus May Have Been Polish

  1. LISBON, PORTUGAL: The age-old Christopher Columbus controversy reached a tipping point earlier this month with a new biography titled “Kolumb. Historia nieznana” (REBIS) published by historian Manuel Rosa in Poland.
    Providing a fresh look at the 15th and 16th Century documentation and very well documented, Kolumb. Historia nieznana (Columbus. Unknown History), contradicts the conventional belief that Christopher Columbus was a Genoese peasant weaver by showing the Genoese account to be an inaccurate reporting of the facts based sometimes on invention, other times on forged and falsified documentation.

    The Portuguese-born historian, who resides in the USA, was invited to present his research at the Portuguese Academy of History, May 16, 2012. It was standing room only as nearly 200 Portuguese historians, researchers and academics packed the Portuguese Academy of History to listen to the latest results of Rosa’s 21-year investigation. The focused debate soon confronted the often-peddled idea that the Genoese Cristoforo Colombo, a poor peasant weaver, could marry the noble Filipa Moniz in Portugal, some 15 years before his monumental voyage. Academics agree that it was not possible in …

  2. Chad

    Amazing how many theories, and conspiracies can crop up so quickly, well, for me anyway. I was just listening to a Steve Berry (the author of ‘The Columbus Affair) in an interview the book report radio had with him (check for the interview in the archived section of their web site bookreportradio dc), and he spoke of the ‘discussion’ that would ensue after him also following the theory of Columbus being a covert Jew. Then after a little digging, there’s the business with the ‘hooked X’, were the Vikings there first (no it seems 5 monks from Afghanistan were), and then the responsibility of having brought syphilis to Europe…now he’s actually from Polish decent…amazing!

  3. Manuel Rosa is not a Professor at Duke University, I don’t know who started that rumor. However, he is an expert on Columbus and has a lot of facts not usually presented in the history books:

    Best History Book of The Year 2016 – Huffington Post
    NON-FICTION – HISTORY Best book of 2016

    Learn the truth about the Discoverer of America in the best double agent in history in: COLUMBUS—THE UNTOLD STORY By Manuel Rosa
    The Best of 2016

    All these years of research, investigation, analyzing & reading documents, and with his ability to read & speak multiple languages, has led him down a path of uncovering the truth about Christopher Columbus’s life. In this episode, Manuel only scratches the surface of all the evidence that proves Manuel has uncovered & exposed Columbus’s true identity, birth place, real name, his mission & much more. In This episode and in Manuel’s book COLUMBUS: THE UNTOLD STORY, is the research & evidence that proves everything we have been taught about the most famous navigator, explorer & possibly most famous historic figure, has been a lie.

    MANUEL ROSA (book):
    MANUEL ROSA (website):
    MANUEL ROSA (Facebook):
    MANUEL ROSA (YouTube):

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