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Beau Chandler (left) and Mark Jiminez went to the Dallas County Clerks Record Building on Thursday, July 5, and completed a marriage license application.  Since same-gender marriages are illegal in Texas, the clerk refused to honor the men’s application.  So the duo handcuffed themselves to one another and refused to leave the building until their request was approved.  Dallas police arrested them for trespassing.  Each man bonded out of jail and now have court appearances scheduled for next month.

Let’s see, Dallas County has one of the highest rates of uninsured children in the nation, a serious gang problem and an ongoing illegal narcotics epidemic, especially among teens.  And, this is what upsets the Dallas Police?  Two damn queers want to get married?  My own parents – who just marked their 53rd wedding anniversary and in no way feel threatened by Chandler and Jiminez – literally scoffed at the overreaction.

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  1. You gotta wonder about our great state of Tejas. Really, it is a shame.

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