July 8 Notable Birthdays

If today is your birthday, “Happy Birthday!”


Author Shirley Ann Grau (The Keepers of the House [1965 Pulitzer Prize]; The Black Prince and Other Stories) is 83.


Singer – songwriter Steve Lawrence (Sidney Leibowitz; Go Away Little Girl, Party Doll, Pretty Blue Eyes, Footsteps, Portrait of My Love) is 77.


Actor Jeffrey Tambor (Big Bully, Radioland Murders, City Slickers, A Perfect Little Murder, Brenda Starr, Mr. Mom, A Gun in the House, Pals, The Larry Sanders Show, Hill Street Blues) is 68.


Actress Kim Darby (Deborah Zerby; Rich Man, Poor Man, True Grit, The Grissom Gang, The Streets of San Francisco) is 65.


Singer – songwriter Raffi Cavoukian is 64.


Chef Wolfgang Puck, formerly of Spagos in Los Angeles, is 63.


Actress Anjelica Huston (Prizzi’s Honor, The Witches, The Grifters, The Addams Family) is 61.


Actor Kevin Bacon (Apollo 13, JFK, A Few Good Men, The River Wild, Footloose, Murder in the First, The Air Up There, The Guiding Light, Wild Things) is 54.

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  1. sometimes these birthdays simply make me feel my bones creak

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