July 8, 2012 – 165 Days Until Baktun 12

I mentioned previously that you should keep pictures of your parents, or parental figures, as you head into the next Baktun.  But, you also should retain some mementoes of all deceased relatives or loved ones – whether they’re photographs, pieces of clothing, or locks of hair.  I emphasize deceased because it’s appropriate to honor the dead, especially those who were close to you.  The Mayan people have a long history of showing respect for their ancestors, but those people you once knew and have since passed away form a significant part of your life.  It’s from these people – relatives and close friends – that you learned some of life’s most valuable lessons, such as being kind to those in need; looking out for the most vulnerable in your community; and beating the crap out of those who try to steal your chocolate, while making it look like they had a bad accident.  Anyone who didn’t learn from those around them will not survive the apocalypse, which would actually be a good thing.  There’s only so much compassion.  Giving reverence to those who’ve gone before you often has mystical connotations, which is so Christian or Jewish.  Among the Mayans and other Indigenous Americans, it’s simply a factor of life.  Maintaining this level of respect will ensure a successful life for you and your family once you enter the next Baktun.  And, you can enjoy all the chocolate and freedom that life has to offer.

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